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  1. GDL Tunnel for production of High Strength Lager used by DRDO, New Delhi for a cost of Rs. 1.1 Crores. Also, numerous jobs of DRDO, New Delhi have been successfully fabricated for cost ranging from upto Rs. 50.0 Lakhs.
  2. In-situ Machining of Boiler Feed Pumps (Capacity 1080 M³/Hour at 180 Kg/Cm² running at 6000 RPM) at SSTPS/NTPC, Singhrouli, NTPC, Ramagundam and NTPC, Talcher.
  3. In-situ machining of bearing pedestal and various segment of Turbine Rotor Shaft of 200 MW Turbine at BTPS/ NTPC, Badarpur.
  4. Fabrication of complete plant of Carcass Utilisation Plant at Jodhpur at a cost of Rs. 2.7 Crores.
  5. Modification of Carcass Utilisation Plant at Jaipur at a cost of Rs. 75.0 Lakhs.
  6. Currently executing complete modern abattoir at Shimla for Municipal Corporation, Shimla at an approximate cost of Rs. 24.0 Crores.

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